About Us

Slider2Brooklyn Stars operates a full scale, in-school afterschool program. We are welcoming and provide children with a safe and atmosphere to spend afterschool hours. We are open longer than most afterschool programs. This gives parents time to transition from work to home, and maybe even pick up dinner along the way! We supervise homework and offer a variety of enrichment activities. We read and draw, play games with friends, and laugh during our hours of fun!

Why become a Brooklyn Star?

After-school hours are an opportunity for children to explore and find their passions. After-school time allows students to socialize and be creative.

  • At Brooklyn Stars all students’ experiences are differentiated to meet their varied needs. The activities planned for each After-school site are selected based on the interests of the students.
  • We train our staff extensively to meet each child’s needs. Your child will enjoy our activities. However, we strongly believe children should have the opportunity to choose the activities they take part in.
  • Our program is the perfect transition from the school day to your home.
  • We will always go the extra mile to insure that your child is safe and happy.
  • Most of all, you will enjoy piece of mind while your child is in our care.